Our valued partners belong to the most progressive and innovative companies in the industry

Selfly ED&A has connections with many prestigious partners in the aerospace sector. Among them are technical universities, aircraft manufacturers and avionics producers. We are always looking to further expand our collaboration. Contact us for more information on how to become a partner of Selfly ED&A.



MetaSensing is an innovative Dutch remote sensing company which was founded in 2008 by Italian scientist and engineer Adriano Meta with the aim of commercializing the new compact, high resolution radar mapping technology. Read more



TU Delft

TU Delft collaborates with a large number of other educational and research institutes within the Netherlands and abroad and has a reputation for high-quality teaching and research. TU Delft has extensive contacts with governments, trade organisations, consultancies, the industry and small and medium-sized companies. Read more



The National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) is the independent knowledge enterprise in the Netherlands on aerospace. The overall mission is making air transport and space exploration safer, more sustainable and more efficient. NLR’s multidisciplinary approach focuses on developing new and cost effective technologies for aviation and space, from design support to production technology and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). Read more



The PocketFMS Foundation is an experienced producer of navigation and flight planning software for mobile devices, releasing their first product back in 2003. The PocketFMS aerodata belongs to the most reliable dataset in the industry and is used by many pilots and avionics professionals around the world.
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JP Avionics

JP Avionics has extensive experience in the field of avionics hardware design and production and is a valued partner, producing prototypes and testing equipment.
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ADC ltd.

Aircraft Design & Certification ltd. Takes an holistic approach to design and certification of ideas and products in the lightweight aviation sector. Recognized and certified by EASA, ADC is a valuable partner in designing and certifying solutions.
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